The Design Process:

Our first on-site consultation is free. (There may be transport expenses for sites outside the greater Dunedin City Boundary.)

During that first meeting we listen, look and assess what is required, desired and possible, whether it be a new home or kitchen, addition or alteration to your existing home.


If engaged, we subsequently  produce a Concept Design for an agreed fee. This includes hand drawn sketches, with floor plans & elevations to scale and a written Concept Design Report


 After presentation of the concept, further consultation may result in adjustments or changes to produce a satisfactory design. 

Then the design is developed into CAD plans & drawings including 3D images.

Developed Design Drawings can then be produced for cost estimation before finalizing the design chosen to carry forward.

The final part of the design drawing process is the production of full Working Drawings & Specifications required for the builder, and  Building and/or Resource Consents.   

During this process further alterations and modifications of the design are quite possible and these will involve ongoing consultations with the client.


 Once the client is happy with the draughted plans they are  submitted to your local council for consent application.


The cost of draughting is dependent on the size and/or complexity of the building project and will be between 6% and 9% of the building cost.  This is inclusive of the Concept fee . [a smaller project will incur a higher percentage fee to reflect the relative proportion of work to project size].  An estimate of fees will be given at each design stage before proceeding.


 At all times during the project we will be available for assistance and advice to ensure design integrity is maintained.


 Additional costs include where applicable, Structural or Geo-technical Engineering fees, Resource and/or Building Consent fees, printing costs and any document search costs.

 For Dunedin City projects various consent fees can be found on the Dunedin City Council website.